The O'Brien Group has six branches and two affiliate partners with over 100 staff nationwide.

Since the company was founded in 1972, it has continuously invested in new machinery and its staff to enhance quality and productivity. Today, O'Brien Group's capability and attention to detail is a testament to that investment. The team produces more than 400 custom benchtops daily and its benchtops can be found in most homes and businesses throughout New Zealand.

Alongside quality and delivery, O'Brien Group is mindful of the trade requirement for hassle-free installation and the client requirement for product longevity.


Tried and True

Tried and true experience in bench top manufacturing.

The O'Brien Group has a long-established pedigree as a bench top manufacturer going back some thirty years. Established and developed by Barry and Helen O'Brien in Mosgiel (Dunedin), the business continued under their ownership. The main manufacturing plant is still in Mosgiel (Dunedin).

The O'Brien Group offers two great advantages: we utilize some of the most advanced machinery within New Zealand for the manufacture of bench tops and have a real depth of experience in the market place with our teams both in our many branches and in the main manufacturing plant. Many of the staff are long serving industry experts who take pride in their workmanship and the local relationships they have.

The company currently has branches in Christchurch, Mosgiel (Dunedin), Invercargill, Alexandra, Nelson, Auckland, Timaru and Hamilton.


Who We Are

Who we are and what we do.

The O'Brien Group has developed a unique model for organisation and management of their company and business. A core aspect of the company's growth strategy has been the company's decision to invest in new machinery to enhance production capability, quality, and productivity. However, with nationwide coverage in New Zealand, it is uneconomic to duplicate the machinery required in each of its branches.

The solution was to develop a specialised production 'hub' (factory) which manufactures all customer orders prior to transport to one of the O'Brien Group's branches for finishing. The main factory or 'hub' is located in Mosgiel (Dunedin) and the buildings cover approximately one hectare in floor area. Production planning and resource management is all undertaken at the main factory, which also houses personnel undertaking some corporate functions.

The branches have the responsibility of finishing, assembling and delivering the products to customers. This may include tasks such as assembly, addition of components such as bowls and drainers, timber, special features etc.


Our History