If you're looking for a more premium feel, the timelessness and depth of colour in a stone benchtop is unrivalled.

Engineered and Natural Stone bench tops will afford you a kitchen, bathroom or laundry bench that you’ll be truly proud of. Even in a commercial setting they take the look and feel of your space to the next level.

Stone Benchtops

There are 3 types of stone benchtops: Engineered Stone, Natural Stone and Ceramic Stone

If you need some help choosing colours, the type of stone and its styling for your next renovation project, our team will be happy to help. For supreme design, proven durability and complete peace of mind, insist on an O'Brien Group Stone Benchtop. We're here to help.

Stone Benchtop Edges, Engineered Stone, O'Brien Group, Dunedin, New Zealand
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Engineered Stone

Engineered stone is a man made material, fabricated from natural quartz and a balance of resins and pigments (generally 93-94% quartz and 6-7% resin & pigments).

Engineered stone delivers the exceptional beauty, strength and durability of quartz and is a far superior product than natural stone and /or other manufactured surfaces.

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Natural Stone

Natural Stone has a unique blend of tones and colours to bring character and individuality to your home. Natural stone is undoubtedly more durable than most other artificial products on the market; showing minimal wear and tear over time, and it offers homeowners a sustainable option for indoor and outdoor home design.

Sourcing, extracting and processing natural stone to use as a building material has virtually no impact on the environment; making it a sensible and eco-friendly solution for all of your housing needs. Unlike many other artificial building products, stone is found naturally and requires little energy for its manufacture. Modern techniques for extracting stone are extremely efficient and help to reduce environmental impact.

Stone Benchtop, Natural Stone, O'Brien Group, Dunedin, New Zealand
Stone Benchtop, Ceramic Stone, O'Brien Group, Dunedin, New Zealand
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Ceramic Stone

Ceramic Stone is stone made out of clay. The clay used for our benchtops is highly refined and has additives added to enhance its natural properties. Ceramic stone is very dense which means typically a thinner slab is used which results in a thin looking benchtop. Like all ceramics, when glazed, it has excellent dirt repelling properties. Ceramics are the new up and coming material in premium stone benchtop design and a lot of high-end kitchen designers have started incorporating ceramic benchtops in their designs.

O'Brien Group Benchtops deliver to most of New Zealand
[ Installation Process ]

Cut Shapes and Bowl Installation

We also can cut out shapes and install the sink (bowl) for you. Click here to see our bowl options. Cut-outs can be used for anything including hobs.

A sealer is always applied to the surface of a stone benchtop. A benchtop's shape can be curved and multiple slabs are joined together using clamps to make a tight join that is only visible under very close inspection.

We also make large pieces of furniture such as boardroom table tops and executive desks.

Click here to view how to clean and care for your stone benchtop.

We can make any colour benchtop from the following suppliers:
Caesar Stone
Prime Panels
CDK Stone

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We deliver to most of New Zealand using our network of outlets and trade partners

Benches are securely packed and sent to you if delivery is required. Otherwise they can be picked up at any of our branches.

O'Brien Group Stone is only available in Otago and Southland for now. Just click on the link below to go to our interactive locations and benchtop delivery map.

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O'Brien Group Benchtops deliver to most of New Zealand