Acrylic benchtops create a visually seamless look, allowing for bench tops that can cover large areas without joins or edges.

Acrylic can be thermoformable (can be shaped using heat and pressure) which means we can create a wide variety of shapes; with design possibilities for an impressive range of applications. Acrylic is usually made up of about 30% acrylic and 70% PVC. The higher the acrylic % the better quality, heat resistance and strength (we only use high quality Acrylic).

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Acrylic Benchtops are ...

One of the most widely used benchtop types in the world. They are used in household kitchens, commercial kitchens, bathrooms, offices and in almost any other area that requires a solid surface.

They offer the look of stone or marble, but have a unique warmth when touched thanks to the mix of all natural minerals blended with high-performance acrylic. Acrylic can be shaped in a seamless manner, which means that there are no joins or crevices which creates an aesthetically stunning look as well as being more hygienic and easy to clean.

About Acrylic Benchtop, O'Brien Group, Dunedin, New Zealand
[ About Acrylic Benchtops ]

Acrylic Benchtops

An Acrylic benchtop is akin to a commercial-grade benchtop – you will have seen them in pubs, restaurants, shops etc but with an affordable price tag they are a great option for any kitchen project.

They are easy to clean and relinquish colour staining very well. They are not immune to staining though and can bubble under intense heat. Acrylic can be translucent so light can shine through it.

  • Hygienic and Easy Maintenance
  • Ultra-thermoformable for endless design possibilities
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Some decors have translucent properties, great for backlighting
  • 15 Year Warranty
[ About Acrylic Benchtops ]

Acrylic Benchtop Edges & Shapes

Acrylic is very malleable, we can heat the material and mold it into almost any shape. So rather than list every possible permutation, here are options that are typically applied to Acrylic benchtops.

Edge thickness: 36mm

Edge shape: Square

Sinks: Undermount integrated Corian sinks. The bottom base is stainless steel and the walls of sink are made of Corian.
One unique thing about acrylic sinks is that they can be made of the same material and pattern as a benchtop, so it looks seamless!

Corners: Square and radius

Seamless joins are standard with Acrylic benchtops

Acrylic Benchtop Edges & Shapes, O'Brien Group, Dunedin, New Zealand
Acrylic Benchtops general information, O'Brien Group, Dunedin, New Zealand
[ About Acrylic Benchtops ]

General Acrylic Benchtop Info

Stain Removal

Stains can be erased without a trace by using standard household cleaners. Just a little effort will soon return the surface of Corian® to mint condition.


If the worst happens and you crack the acyrilic, more often than not this damage can be repaired onsite.

[ Installation Process ]

Cut Shapes and Bowl Installation

We can also cut out shapes and install the sink (bowl) for you. Cut-outs can be used for anything including hobs. Acrylic benchtops can have seamless bowls where the seam between the benchtop and the bowl is merged together for a very sleak look.

We also make large pieces of furniture such as boardroom tables, front desks and executive desks.

O'Brien Group Benchtops deliver to most of New Zealand
O'Brien Group Benchtops deliver to most of New Zealand
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We deliver to most of New Zealand using our network of outlets and trade partners

Benches are securely packed and sent to you if delivery is required. Otherwise they can be picked up at any of our branches.

We have branches and delivery services across New Zealand. Just click on the link below to go to our interactive locations and benchtop delivery map.

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