Introducing our new Imperio line of benchtops. A sustainable, healthy alternative to stone benchtops.

Imperio benchtops are made using a technology that deposits aluminium oxide particles in overlay layers for superior durability, print fidelity, colour saturation and scratch, scuff and mark resistance. Available in a variety of unique designs for diverse applications, including benchtops, cabinets, boardroom table tops, and waterfalls.

Limitless Design Possibilities

High Scratch Resistance

Satin Smooth Touch

Haute Matte

Fingerprint Resistant


Anti Fungal

Stain Resistance

High Impact Resistance

Heat resistant up to 220°C

2x Abrasion Resistance

High Moisture Resistance

[ Best Used For ]

Imperio Benchtops are ...

A viable replacement for stone benchtops. Built using a novel technique consisting of layering many thin layers of material coated with resin, the end result is a very strong and solid feeling material with rigidity similar to carbon fibre. Imperio benchtops are heat resistant up to 220°C.

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[ Solid Core Colours ]

Imperio Colour Options

Our colour options can be viewed below

Designer White
Designer White
Sandstone 12mm+20mm
Peat Sandstone
Peat Sandstone
Galactic 12mm
Blanco Carrara
Blanco Carrara
Sandstone 12mm+20mm
Castle Concrete
Castle Concrete
Galactic 12mm
Sandstone 12mm Galactic (LUVIH) 12mm+20mm
Magnesite Marble
Magnesite Marble
Galactic 12mm
Barmer Dark Marble
Barmer Dark Marble
Sandstone 12mm
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Imperio Product Specifications


Available in two finishes, Sandstone (left) and Galactic (right), each give a unique feel when touched. See our magnified pictures.
LUVIH coating is an anti-fingerprint coating so that you cannot see smudges.

Sheet Sizes

All of our Solid Core panels come in sheet sizes of 3660 x 1550 mm.

Sheet Thickness

Our sheets come in two thicknesses, either 12 mm or 20 mm. Check the colour options above to see which sheets have which options or get in touch for special requests.

Sandstone Finish, O'Brien Group, Dunedin, New Zealand Galactic Finish, O'Brien Group, Dunedin, New Zealand
About Imperio Benchtops, O'Brien Group, Dunedin, New Zealand
[ About Imperio Benchtops ]

Imperio Benchtops

Solid Core benchtops have some big advantages over stone:

  • Heat resistant up to 220°C
  • Durable and scratch resistant
  • Lighter weight
  • Not contaminated with Silica
  • Much easier to machine and work with
  • Lower material cost than Stone and Acrylic products
  • Superior thermal conductivity (feels warmer to touch than stone)

This new product looks and feels a lot more like stone while being much easier to machine. Introduced to solve the aforementioned issues it is particularly notable for being non toxic and a safe alternative to silica infused stone.

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