• Added this change log webpage to better communicate the changes that are being made to this website.
  • Added a feature so customers can sign for their benchtop using a tablet. This will then show the signature and details on the order page.
  • Added a dropdown on the Request Samples page so users now have to select a branch and the query will be sent to their local branch (like on the contact page).
  • Added text to the drawing indicating if a bowl will be supplied by the customer.
  • Various minor bug fixes and small improvements.


  • Added a feature to create a new quote based on an existing one (a.k.a. a duplicate quote button)
  • Fixed a bug where in the customer reference field, if the reference number ended with a space it was showing the html character code once you saved the order.
  • Renamed Delivery Instructions to Notes on benchtop drawing. Also fixed an issue where in some cases when this was modified the drawing would not re-render with the new notes.
  • Various minor bug fixes and small improvements.


  • Fixed an issue where when adding an upstand the branch ABS labour cost was not being calculated for the top of the upstand.
  • Added error message "Roll is too severe for benchtop ends." to "5/0mm / MR5" edges.
  • Fixed bug preventing companies from being added in the customer manager.
  • Various minor bug fixes and small improvements.


  • Addresses are now stored against branches rather than companies.
  • Changes to the My Team page can now be cancelled.
  • Various minor bug fixes and small improvements.


  • When doing price comparisons on the Branch Costs, there is now a system for you to create and manage your own templates. Also templates can now handle multi panel benchtops.
  • Added feature to be able to select board thickness for the entire panel (can be found on the dimensions screen).
  • Bowls can now be searched for by name both in the benchtop designer and in the bowl management screen.
  • Added paging to the customer management page.
  • Various minor bug fixes and small improvements.


  • If "I will supply my own bowl" is ticked an email will now be sent to the customer saying "where to deliver it to and include order printout" in or on the box.
  • When finishing is adding ABS edging, we have added labour time to the time total for more accurate scheduling.
  • Some OBG menu items are now only shown to users with the correct permissions, such as Branch Costs only to Branch Managers or higher.
  • Fixed issue where when adding a bowl from our selection, even if it didn't have the option to be undermounted the labour cost applied was still that of an undermount.
  • When choosing a bowl from our selection added an option to filter by under mountable.
  • Moved Production Costs button to its own dedicated page (Branch Costs in the OBG menu).
  • Fixed bug where when ABS edge is selected for the inside edges the amount calculated to price is that of the outside edges.
  • Various minor bug fixes and small improvements.